Everything you see here was animated by me, but not everything was designed or directed by me.
For the full list of credits, see below.
0:00-0:03 - Intro (Me)
0:04-0:10 - Thor Ragnarok: Main on End Titles (Animation, Compositing). designed and Directed by Perception.
0:11-0:12 - UPMC (Design, Animation, Tracking, Compositing) directed by ataboy studios
0:12-0:15 - Baskets Promo Concept, Failed Pitch (Design, Animation) directed by karl hein
0:15-0:17 - Paw Patrol New Year's Eve (Animation, Compositing, excluding characters)
0:17-0:18 - Buddy Vs Duff Food Network Spot (Animation, Compositing) directed by john earle
0:18-0:19 - RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Promo (Compositing) directed by john earle
0:19-0:21 - Rollercoaster Personal Project (Modeling, Design, Animation, Compositing) 
0:22-0:23 - JackThreads TryOuts (Animation)
0:24-0:25 - Ohio To NYC Personal Project (Design, Animation)
0:26-0:29 - Scott's Lawn Care Products (Animation, Compositing) Co-Animated by Zak Tietjen, directed by kevin rapp
0:30-0:32 - Experience Columbus (Animation) directed by mike beaumont
0:32-0:38 - National Geographic Breakthrough (Animation) Illustrated by Amanda Lake, Co-Animated by Zak Tietjen, directed by spacejunk
0:38-0:40 - 90s Toys Personal Project (Modeling, Design, Animation, Compositing)
0:41-0:45 - Houses In Motion 7 Year Anniversary (design, animation, modeling) directed by john earle
0:45-0:46 - Buddy's Big Bakedown Logo Intro (Modeling, animation) directed by john earle
0:47-End - Outro (Me)

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